Georgian vodka producers intend to enter the Russian market

After wine making companies, Georgian vodka producers are preparing to enter the Russian market.

According to "Gomi" company, the company meets all international standards and is waiting for the visit of Russian inspectors in the near future.

After obtaining permission, the company intends to export chacha to Russia at the first stage and then the vodka.

"Gomi" is holding talks with several Russian companies. Currently, "Gomi" exports vodka to 6 countries.

"Ushba" company representative Dmitry Abesadze notes that negotiations with a major Russian distribution company are almost completed.

"We are waiting for the inspectors from Moscow in the coming days, and in a case of obtaining an export permit, we will begin the export of vodka to Russia" - he says. Currently, "Ushba" exports its products to Turkey and Ukraine.

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