Tougher punishments for impaired driving to be enforced in Moldova

By late October 2013, the Moldovan Parliament will adopt some legislative amendments, in order to enforce tougher punishments for alcohol-impaired driving.

According to the secretary of the Parliamentary Commission for Traffic Security, Viorel Bulimaga, the Moldovan authorities are planning to increase the minimal threshold for establishing the state of alcoholic intoxication, from 0.3-1 grams per liter, to 0.3 – 0.8 grams/liter.

According to Bulimaga, the previous legislation was not envisaging any fines for drunk drivers. At present, people caught for drunken driving may be fined up to 3 thousand lei, depending on the state of alcoholic intoxication.  

“The minimal threshold was established at this level in order to increase, to a maximum possible extent, the number of drunk drivers that will be subjected to punishments,” he said.

As already reported by Infotag, three young girls and five young men died in a heavy car crush that happened on August 14 at the entry to Chisinau municipium, in Muncesti Street. A 5-seat Renault Megan car, packed with the 8 residents of the Revaca and Floreni suburban villages, were traveling in excellent moods to their favorite karaoke bar in Chisinau. The excellent-quality road was deserted, so the young drunk driver accelerated his car to a speed of approximately 200 kilometers per hour and failed to hold control of it at a turn, and the heavy vehicle smashed into a thick roadside tree.  

Infotag’s dossier: In 2013, the Moldovan traffic police have already registered 1,185 traffic accidents (in the whole of 2012 – 1,306), in which 131 persons were killed (last year – 186) and 1,453 were injured (in the whole of 2012 – 1,685).

Adapted from infotag