Transport Minister: Calafat-Vidin bridge operational on June 14

09:31 30.05.2013

Minister of Transport Relu Fenechiu declared in the southern town of Calafat, where he inspected the works on the Calafat-Vidin Danube bridge, that this connection will be operational on June 14 when it will be opened in the presence of both the Romanian and Bulgarian heads of state, Prime Minister Victor Ponta and European Commissioner Johannes Hahn.

According to the Minister of Transport, one of the issues the Romanian party still needs to solve is that of the booths for the border police on both sides of the bridge, which had been initially designed in the assumption that Romania and Bulgaria will have joined the Schengen by commissioning date.

Regarding the toll charged for crossing the bridge, Fenechiu said that it has already been negotiated at 6 euros, just like the toll charged on the Giurgiu bridge, and will be shared between the two countries in direct proportion to their contribution to the construction of the bridge: 83% for the Bulgarian and 17% for the Romanian side.

Adapted from Agerpres