Sochi started embankment construction in Imeretin Valley

Sochi has started the construction of the new embankment. It will be located in the central areas of the coming Olympics – the Imeretin Valley.

«One of the objectives for this embankment commissioning is to protect the coast from high storm waves», – Sochi administration has informed.

Commissioning of the renovated embankment is scheduled for the end of 2013. However, certain time has been wasted due to the stormy weather in winter. That is why the number of workers and machines is increased at the construction site now. Due to the speeding-up of the schedule the workers will have to block a larger part of the beach, but they will leave a 300-meter wide area not to cut people off the sea.

After the commissioning the resident of the Imeretin Valley will have their own embankment with the beach area. In addition to that, it will have a walking area and bicycle lanes, ITAR-TASS Kuban informs.

English translation by BSN