Transnistrian authorities oblige enterprises to use at least 50% of natural gas

Staring from May 1, the Transnistrian enterprises working with alternative sources of fuel will have to use at least 50% of natural gas, as per a decision adopted by the Transnistrian government.   

According to the local media, Transnistrian minister of agricultural development Iurie Ursul said at the meeting that the main purpose of this decision is to prevent the worsening of the environmental situation in the region.    

He reminded that in early 2013, one of the energy blocks of the Moldavskaya GRES [one of the biggest power plants in the Eastern Europe] shifted to the use of coal, «which is very toxic and releases more harmful emissions into the atmosphere, in comparison with the natural gas.»     

«This measure will make Transnistrian enterprises use the fuel resources in a certain proportion – 50% coal and 50% natural gas. Since coal releases more noxious emissions, we have decided to decrease the amount of the burned fuel in order to reduce the hazardous emissions. One of the best solutions in this respect is the control on the environment protection. We are planning to toughen the control in this field,» he stressed.      

At the same time, the specialist admitted that the amount of pollutant emissions can be calculated only on the basis of data submitted by the Transnistrian enterprises, as the ministry of agricultural development does not have the needed equipment for measuring them.     

Adapted from Infotag



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