$1.6 billion were invested in Armenia in 2012

$1.59 billion were invested in Armenia in 2012, a drop by 8.6%, compared with 2011. 49.82% were direct investments (and 37.6% foreign investments) were spent on TV communications, the National Statistical Service reports.

France increased investments 2.3-fold to $230 million, with 90% of them in Orange Armenia.

Russia reduced investments 3.2-fold to $123 million, a third of which was spent on communications. Russia invested $25 million in Armenian energy, $7.2 million in non-ferrous metals, $25 million in retail sales and $14.5 million in transportation.

Germany invested $48 million in mining, Switzerland $43 million in mining, Seychelles $23 million in TV communications.

Adapted from: Vestnik Kavkaza