Sochi became the first Russian city where "zero waste" principle has been implemented

As the city’s Mayor Mr. Anatoly Pakhomov announced on March 11, all of the resort’s sites for storing solid waste were closed in 2012, and all collected waste after sorting is transported outside the city.

“All the streams of solid waste, which amount to 700-800 tonnes daily, are processed at waste sorting plant and are then transported to the inter-municipal sanitary landfill in the town of Belorechensk area”, - said the Mayor. - “They make 20 to 50 trips per day. This scheme is an advanced one not only for Sochi, but throughout all of Russia.”

According to Pakhomov, in 2013 the city will allocate 200 million RUB to purchase waste collector trucks and new outfit for waste collection company employees.

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