Ukrainian scientists discussed the problems of the Black Sea ecological protection in Odessa

On January 30 – 31, 2013, International Scientific and Practical Conference in the network of European Union’s Black Sea Ecology Protection MAREAS Project took place in Odessa I. Mechnikov National University.

MAREAS(stands for Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact) Project is aimed at providing interaction between the scientific community and the structures responsible for the ecological policy to figure out the precise actions to decrease the impact of the global changes on life in the region.

Within the framework of the round-table discussion, the scientists discussed the problems of the global climatic changes in the Black Sea region and the possible ways of the human’s adaptation to them. Scientists of Odessa I. Mechnikov National University, experts of Odessa City Council Ecology and Recreational Zones Development Department and Education and Science Department, representatives of Ukraine’s Academy of Sciences and the general public took part in the discussion.

Adapted from: Official site of Odessa city