Four die in Moldova over hypothermia caused by harsh weather conditions

Four people have died of hypothermia because of low temperatures and snowstorms recorded over the past days.

Beside these four lethal cases, other 31 cases of hypothermia were recorded all over Moldova, Interior Minister Dorin Recean reported at a meeting of the Governmental Commission for Emergencies on December 18.

Many local and national roads in northern Moldova are still blocked by snow, despite the fact that snow-clearing works were carried out on a-round-the-clock basis. Meanwhile seven populated areas from three districts are facing power shortage, the Service for Civil Protection and Emergencies has reported.

The authorities are assuring that all roads will be unblocked by the mid of the day. «Presently we are working to clear the blocked roads and to enlarge other highways. As many as 298 snow-clearing vehicles and 191 workers are working on the spot,» the head of the State Road Administration within the Transport and Road Infrastructure Ministry, Sergiu Capatina, said.

Over the past 24 hours, 395 people and 243 snow-clearing vehicles were involved to unblock seven local and national roads.

Adapted from Moldpres