The week of heart began in Ukraine

On September 24 launched a week-Ukrainian hearts on World Heart Day, which in 2011 celebrated on September 29.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Health launched a campaign «Healthy Heart Basket» for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the press service of the ministry.

At the heart of Ukrainian weeks in clinics regional centers of Ukraine, as well as in public places everyone will be able to measure your blood pressure and get expert advice on health maintenance. By measuring blood pressure will identify the most healthy and the most vulnerable region of Ukraine.

By the way, the death rate from cardiovascular disease in the structure of overall mortality in country according to official data is about 66% - a half-million people each year. Moreover, according to the Health Ministry, over the past 25 years the prevalence of cardiovascular disease among the population of Ukraine has increased by 3 times, and the death rate from them increased by 45%. By these indicators Ukraine is one of the highest in Europe.

Adapted from UNN


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