Four sailors who remained on the ship Sea Flower in Turkey return home

18:09 12.09.2012

Ukrainian sailors of the crew members of the ship Sea Flower returned to Ukraine, but the salary arrears to them has not yet been repaid. This was during the briefing, said the speaker of Foreign Minister Alexander Dikusarov correspondent UNN.

«With the support of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul were repatriated four crew members of Sea Flower», - said the representative of the Foreign Ministry.

At the same time A.Dikusarov noted that wage arrears are not paid to them. «They have a lawyer who is authorized to represent them in court. If the issue is not solved within a week by a settlement agreement with the employer, the debt repayment will be made through executive service,» - he added.

Recall the Sea Flower for months with little food and water were eight Ukrainian sailors, who could not leave the ship. At sea, they came in May 2012, from Mariupol in Izmir reached without incident, but then stopped paying the shipowner. The team took the passport, so they could not go ashore. The captain ran the ship, leaving the crew to fend for themselves.

Adopted from UNN