61 refugees dead in Turkey boat sinking

14:18 07.09.2012

The Governorship of the western province of Izmir on September 6 said that 61 illegal migrants were killed while 46 others rescued after a boat carrying them sank in Aegean Sea off the coast of Menderes town of Izmir province.

In a statement released Thursday, the Governorship of Izmir said that those 61 people killed included 12 men, 18 women, 28 children and 3 babies.

«Rescued Palestinian and Syrian illegal migrants were brought to the Ahmetbeyli Gendarmery Station and went through a health check-up. Two of those rescued were taken to a local hospital. The Prosecutor's Office in Menderes began an investigation on the boat,» the statement underlined.

Rescue operations in the region will continue for three days.

Adapted from Worldbulletin