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27.03.2020 Ukraine Ukraine

The (un)foreseen storm-2 – from Crimea to Odesa. Maritime risks in 2020: the Black Sea

It is worth reminding that the maritime risks in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, related to possible actions of the Russian Federation, based on the experience of 2014-2019, not only in the Ukrainian-Russian but also in the macro-regional context – the Black Sea-Mediterranean. The Russian attack on Georgia in 2008 shook, and the occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 shifted the long conservation of the entire geopolitical rift – from Gibraltar to Mariupol. 

06.01.2020 Ukraine Ukraine

Databаse of airplanes that flew to the occupied Crimea and EU member-states, USA and other destinations in 2019

The Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies, BSNews and Maidan of Foreign Affairs monitoring group presents the list of the aircrafts that flew to the occupied Crimea, as well as to EU member-states, USA and other countries in 2019. 

04.08.2019 Ukraine Ukraine

A «Russian Lake»: the Nine Aspects of the Current Situation in the Black Sea

The situation in the Black Sea is changing. Its ongoing transformation into a de facto Russian lake is a direct consequence of the occupation and subsequent militarization of Crimea. The analysis is aimed at anyone who cares about the region.

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