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23.09.2013 Black Sea

Head of the Ukrainian delegation in BSEC Parliamentary Assembly Olena Netetska: "Black Sea region needs new ideas on collaboration"   1


From BSNews editorial staff: On February 20, 2013 the People's Deputy of Ukraine from one of the Crimean districts Olena Netetska headed the delegation of our country to the BSEC Parliamentary Assembly, and at the 41st General Assembly of the BSEC Parliamentary Assembly in Sophia on July 9 – 11, 2013 she was elected as the Deputy Chairman of the BSEC Parliamentary Assembly. BSNews has asked Ms. Netetska to share her thoughts and plans in the article for our edition.

30.06.2013 Georgia Georgia

Potential of container market of Georgia   2


Informall Business Group, specially for BSNews. Last years container market of Georgia had the most rapid growth among other countries of the Black Sea and still has a space for further growth. Existing volumes of Georgian container market have significantly increased during last 5 years. In 2007 Georgian container market was only 8,8% of the Black Sea market but according to Informall forecasts in 2013 it shall be already 14,6%. Volumes increased from almost 200k TEU in 2008 to 357k TEU in 2012.

03.06.2013 Ukraine Ukraine

Joint Declaration of the Ministers Participating in the meeting of the Ministers in Charge of Economy of the BSEC Member States    1


Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, Mihail ROZENSHTEJN (photo),  BSNews. The Meeting of the Ministers in charge of Economy of the BSEC Member States was held in Yalta, Ukraine, on 23 May 2013, under the Chairmanship-in-Office of Ukraine. The representatives of the Member States discussed and adopted a joint declaration. In the said document titled the “Joint Declaration of the Ministers Participating in the Meeting of the Ministers in charge of Economy of the BSEC Member States,” the Ministers declared their willingness to join efforts for the optimization of the economic, social, infrastructural, natural, scientific and technical potential for the creation of favorable conditions for integration in the Black Sea region.

30.05.2013 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

The South Caucasus countries and their security dimension   1


Eugene KOGANThe Center for International and European Studies (CIES), Istanbul. The two unresolved conflicts in the South Caucasus hang over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia like the Sword of Damocles. As seen from every view point, Russia’s influence, levers and policy toward conflicts resolution remain the key issues. As long as Moscow maintains a status quo policy and keeps the outside actors at arm’s length from the region, the unresolved conflicts will continue to fester.

04.04.2013 Turkey Turkey

Exclusive Istanbul interview with Turkish Airlines Vice-President Mehmet Baspinar    1


Andrei KLIMENKO, Alexey SOLOVIEV, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, BSNews. On March 8, 2013, being on visit to Istanbul on our "Black Sea" issues regarding our interaction with BSEC, we managed to interview Mr. Mehmet Baspinar, Vice President  on “our region” in the head office of Turkish Airlines.  We realized, that to make it into the head office of the largest airlines of the world is predeterminedly anything but simple. But ... Well, all told, just read.


The new Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization - BSEC - in an exclusive interview with BSNews

Andrei KLIMENKO, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA (photo), Michael ROZENSHTEIN (photo),  BSNews. This conversation took place in early October, when the Moldovan diplomat and historian, Professor Victor Tvircun has worked for the first three months as the Secretary General of BSEC. We took advantage of his profession in order to talk about the "historic risks" and historical perspectives for the Black Sea economies...

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