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04.08.2019 Ukraine Ukraine

A «Russian Lake»: the Nine Aspects of the Current Situation in the Black Sea

The situation in the Black Sea is changing. Its ongoing transformation into a de facto Russian lake is a direct consequence of the occupation and subsequent militarization of Crimea. The analysis is aimed at anyone who cares about the region.

27.05.2019 Ukraine Ukraine

The Sevastopol Defense Industry and its Russian Collaborators – a Prospective Sanctions List

The information below is not just an example of how Russian handles the captured peninsula treating it as war booty, but an irrefutable evidence of the Russian military threat to Ukraine and the rest of the world. At the end of the publication you will see a list of 89 enterprises in Sevastopol alone, researched and compiled by the joint Monitoring Group of the Maidan of Foreign Affairs, the Black Sea Strategic Studies Institute and the BlackSeaNews.

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