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13.07.2018 Ukraine Ukraine

«The Gray Zone». The Occupied Crimea: Sanctions Violations in 2017. The Monitoring Results

The annual report by Maidan of Foreign AffairsBlackSeaNews and the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies. It contains several databases of violations of the international sanctions in 2017 in the occupied Crimea.

27.11.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean Economy without myths (6). The Crimean tourism in the Black Sea context.

Andrei Klimenko, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, BlackSeaNews. The competitive situation in the Black Sea region makes the Crimea to answer the main question: in what segments of the travel industry it must "rush to catch up the run-away train", and where to look for new and ingenious ways of tourism development with due account of global trends ...

03.11.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean economy without myths (5). The Black Sea competition in tourism from BSN.

Andrei Klimenko, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, BlackSeaNews We based the following analysis of the current situation with competition in tourism in the Black Sea area  on publications of the BSN news feeds. It is the authors’ opinion that some trends call the players of this market for significant adjustment of tourism policy - both in the Crimea, and in the region. Of course, if business can defer to the opinion of the experts :) ...


The new Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization - BSEC - in an exclusive interview with BSNews

Andrei KLIMENKO, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA (photo), Michael ROZENSHTEIN (photo),  BSNews. This conversation took place in early October, when the Moldovan diplomat and historian, Professor Victor Tvircun has worked for the first three months as the Secretary General of BSEC. We took advantage of his profession in order to talk about the "historic risks" and historical perspectives for the Black Sea economies...

01.10.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean economy without myths ... about tourism (4) Exclusive from BlackSeaNews

Andrei Klimenko, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA,  BlackSeaNews. For nearly 130 years tourist perception of the Crimea has been the naively usual and naively natural context of all the philistine concepts of its development... But six months ago, resorts and tourism have officially become number one priority of the new strategy of the Crimea ... What are the risks and what the Crimean government can rely on? What will turn out of this?

11.05.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean economy without myths (3) Exclusive from BlackSeaNews

Andrei KLIMENKO, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, BlackSeaNews. In the past 20 years the Crimean economy «preferred» natural restructuring against the background of preservation of the big chemistry enterprises – a sheer market experiment... Spontaneity was especially evident in 2003-2008, when a massive market deviation occurred –  land and construction businesses, which for the short period developed into main economic branches of the Crimea, by the present time have come to self-destruction ...

06.05.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean economy without myths (2) Exclusive from BlackSeaNews

Andrei Klimenko, Tatiana Guchakova, BlackSeaNews .The structure of the Crimean economy, spontaneously formed by 2001and unchanged till nowadays , is the main challenge for the new team of the Crimean government. And it is not about reforming, but about the need to change radically and in a relatively short time an established, stably primitive and hopeless economic structure consisting of the post-Soviet leftovers with some individual market economy inclusions.

18.04.2012 Ukraine Ukraine

Crimean economy without myths (1) Exclusive from BlackSeaNews

Andrei Klimenko, Tatiana GUCHAKOVA, BlackSeaNews. The nature of economic processes in the Crimea was never determined by tourism. It is just a myth. First and foremost, in Soviet times the Crimea was a military base and the center of the instrument-making and ship-building intended for military purposes. Resort specialization was just a social program meant for the USSR population and its cost-effectiveness was not  needed then, while  now ...

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