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On political and economic history of the Crimea during "zero years" of the 21st century (Part I)

Andrei KLIMENKO, BSNews, translation from Russian by Alexey Soloviev, BSNews. The year has started, the one of the 20th year post-Soviet anniversaries of 1991-2011 and the Crimean anniversary of the referendum on re-establishment of the autonomy. 20 years, that’s really a lot of time. And through these notes your author wants to encourage the Crimean and non-Crimean intellectuals to think over the route...

03.02.2011 Full story

European Parliament resolution on an EU Strategy for the Black Sea (2)

Recalls that the Black Sea region needs active policies and long-lasting solutions to cope with the considerable regional and transnational challenges facing it, such as protracted conflicts, displaced populations, bilateral disputes, closed borders and strategic rivalries leading to militarisation and proliferation of arms, weak institutions and governance and the deterioration of democratic rule, border and movement management, and poor maritime security and safety;

31.01.2011 Full story

European Parliament resolution on an EU Strategy for the Black Sea (1)

...Whereas the Black Sea Synergy (BSS) has had the merit of recognising the Black Sea region as strategic for the EU, together with the need for strengthened EU involvement in the area; whereas BSS results have so far been rather limited and no clear and comprehensive picture exists of the current implementation results of the BSS, exposing the EU to criticism that it lacks a strategic vision for the region and that it is applying a fragmented approach to implementation...

27.01.2011 Full story

The Crimea in the European dimension. View from the Ai-Petri (St Peter) Mount

Andrei KLIMENKO, Tatyana GUCHAKOVA, BSNews. Unfortunately, a new engagement of the Crimea into the framework of interests of Europe is once again, as in 1853, connected with the war – the Russian-Georgian conflict, which started during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008. But this time the interest of Europe may give the Crimea a chance. Though the Crimea has already missed quite a number of opportunities...

25.12.2010 Full story

The Black Sea triangles: Is there a solution?

Andrei KLIMENKO, BSNews. The end of June 2010. The conference "Triangle Ukraine-Romania-Moldova: ...” organized by the Odessabranch of the National Institute for Strategic Studies. It was there, when even the first, superficial glance at the almost unknown in the Crimea Trans-Dniester conflict developed into persistent image that the whole Black Sea coastline is dotted with identical, still different, but at the same time impalpably similar triangles of conflicts...

24.12.2010 Full story

A 2020 Vision for the Black Sea Region. A Report by the Commission on the Black Sea

The Commission on the Black Sea, www.blackseacom.eu. The increased geopolitical volatility of the region has proven, time and again, that unresolved issues can ignite into open warfare. Its festering conflicts retard economic development and have the potential to flare up into wider conflagrations. While the opportunity to transfer Caspian oil and gas to European markets raises hopes for regional economic development and prosperity, competition to control pipelines, shipping lanes and transport routes to secure increased political and economic influence...

25.08.2010 Full story
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