Visit of the Turkish Navy vessels to Odessa in the exclusive photographic coverage    4

Andrei Klimenko, Anatoliy Odaynik, Vladimir TrofimovBSNews. Two Turkish naval vessels - the military transport ro-ro ferry TCG ISKENDERUN (A1600), manufactured in Turkey, and the former German Donau (A 69), currently the training and staff vessel, TCG SOKULLU MEHMET PASA (A577) – came to Odessa on 2013-05-20...

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The Greek champion - VARIETY VOYAGER – united the Black Sea by visiting 10 ports in 5 countries / Photographic coverage

Andrei Klimenko, BSNews. On 2013-05-19 the cruise yacht VARIETY VOYAGER arrived from Nesebar to Istanbul. Thus the 2013 Black sea cruise season of this vessel is over.  finishing it's Black sea cruise season-2013. At present this Greek yacht is the absolute champion of the 2013 season in the Black Sea, both in the number of ports, called in the course of a single cruise - 10, and the total number of the Black Sea port calls - 20. Lets sum up and devote to it a picture story...

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From the Black Sea to the White Sea or 2012: Spring or Winter of Tourism in Egypt? Part 1: Analytical.

Alexey SOLOVIEV, BSNews. Egypt has once again reiterated the truth of the axiom: tourism is one of the most profitable, interesting, but one of the most vulnerable businesses. It does not matter by what sea you live - Black, Red or White one -it is clear that reports of the world press about instability lead to the almost immediate decline of tourist flow, which starts to search for the new tourist destinations or return to the old, well-known ones...

22.02.2013 Full story

World capital of coffee - Istanbul for November 1-15, 2012. BSN Review

Helen Liukova,  BlackSeaNews. Istanbul is saturated with construction again - the next  things of its agenda are: the third airport, the new HYATT hotel and reconstruction of the central Taksim Square. Besides, the city has welcomed major international car show and NASA exhibition. Moreover, Istanbul has become the world capital of coffee, which for sure will increase the number of tourists-coffee drinking admires. You are welcome to read more in this BlackSeaNews review.

21.11.2012 Full story

PACIFIC PRINCESS enters the port of Yalta during a storm / Photo Report of BSNews

Andrei KLIMENKO,  BSNews, Illya ZHYRNOV (photo). On November 11, 2012, the 5th anniversary of the catastrophic storm of 2007, Yalta had bright sunshine, gusty wind and considerable storm. Entering its harbor cruise liner  PACIFIC PRINCESS crushed the Yalta port sea buoy, while in the roads 7-8 bulk carriers were waiting the rough weather out. See our latest photo report...

14.11.2012 Full story

Black Sea Cruises Week, October 8-14, 2012 / BSNews Review / Photo Report

Andrei KLIMENKO, BlackSeaNews. The past cruise week has been quite unusual. The big cruise of Princess Daphne did not take place due to the ship’s arrest in Crete, but still our so to say “plan of cruise calls” was fulfilled by 2 expeditionary ships - Greek yacht  Harmony G and British ship Island Sky, which both had visited larger number of ports than featured in all kinds of cruise schedules ...

18.10.2012 Full story

Famous mega liner QUEEN ELIZABETH in Yalta. Exclusive Photo Report of the Yalta Marine Photographers

Andrei KLIMENKO, BlackSeaNews. As we reported on October 7, 2012 the British mega cruise liner QUEEN ELIZABETH moored to the Yalta sea port’s berth.From the very sunrise  and the whole day long the lenses of our friends - marine photographers Nickolai N, Mikhail  Leontiev, Alex  Kostin and iIlya Zhyrnov were focused on the liner. Just have a look at the results!

10.10.2012 Full story

Ukrainian MAXI BRAZIL - the Black Sea mega-bulk carrier was loaded at port Yuzhny, passed through the Bosphoros, heading Suez / Maps / Photos

Andrei KLIMENKO, BSNews. September 17, 2012 mega-bulk carrier MAXI BRAZIL left the Black Sea for the Bosphorus, passed by Istanbul and put forth to the Marmara Sea heading Suez. The giant ship is likely to pass through the Suez Canal heading China with a cargo of iron-ore concentrate. See the exclusive photo report from Istanbul specially for BSNews

18.09.2012 Full story

Yalta Prime Rally 2012: Current News. Results

BlackSeaNews2012 Prime Yalta Rally, Stage of FIA European Rally Cup, is taking place during September, 14-16, 2012 using the mountain roads near city of Yalta and Ai-Petri Mountain. The Prime Yalta Rally 2012 is the 10th round of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC). 

14.09.2012 Full story

First time in the Black Sea: Cruise liner ARCADIA arrived in Yalta and did not take risks to enter the port /Photo-report/

Andrei KLIMENKO, BSNews. 2012-09-10 07:39  (LT)ARCADIA arived in Yalta from Istanbul. The ship is for the first time in the Black Sea. Presumably the captain of  the ship was not familiar with the port of Yalta and he did not take the risks of entering the port, but anchored the ship 600 meters away from the  coast. This decision was probably the result of wind and storm. Of more than 2,000 passengers just 700 expressed wish to go ashore by tenders.

10.09.2012 Full story

Can East meet West, or about Turkey, which unites Asia and Europe. Part 3. Meeting of Two Empires: the Byzantines and the Ottomans

Alexey SOLOVIEV, BlackSeaNews. Exploring the shores of the Bosphorus, we ascertained the fact that geography of some points on the world map was predestined for foundation of the cities. Our Turkish colleagues showed us those momentous buildings of Istanbul, which reveal the historical code of this magnificent city.

09.05.2011 Full story

Can East meet West, or about Turkey, which unites Asia and Europe. Part Two: Meeting with Byzantium

Alexey SOLOVIEV, BlackSeaNews. There is one more place on the Bosporus which, for centuries used to link east and west – the Altın Boynuz or the Golden Horn harbor. Its shape really resembles a horn, which is stuck for 12 kilometers deep into the European shore of the strait. The harbor is considered to be one of the best in the world. And right there is the historic center of modern Istanbul with its major tourist attractions.

26.03.2011 Full story

Can East meet West, or about Turkey, which unites Asia and Europe. Part One: Meeting with the Bosporus

Alexey SOLOVIEV, Editor of Tourism Section of BSNews. They say that West is West, and East is East and never the twain shall meet. My recent trip to Turkey made ​​me to change my attitude to this phrase. Thus, our journey to the country, 3% of which is located in Europe and the rest 97% in Asia, starts in Ukraine, the biggest European country, i.e. entirely located on the European continent.

18.02.2011 Full story
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